I had no idea so much dust could come from that.

Things that are out of your control often take longer than planned. In prepping the drains for the new bathrooms we discovered that we couldn’t tie into the existing pipe so we had to locate a bigger one, in the middle of the building floor. I’m actually proud at how fast, and with the least amount of exploration, we succeeded. Add a couple more days of jackhammering and digging and there’s now a very dull looking trench that goes from 2′ to 3′ deep for about 30′ in length. That created a lot of dust, and it’s everywhere.

Luckily we have our lab setup. Just in time for spring with all of it’s revived life. While running errands the other day i kept noticing lots of flowers around. Think it’s a good time to see and drink what’s out there and add to the diversity of our “flower” mixed cultures.